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Welcome to Web Scientific a leading supplier of Life Science Reagents, Consumables and low cost Laboratory Equipment.

Apart from offering one of the largest ranges of electrophoresis systems, spares and accessories you'll find anywhere, Web Scientific also supplies a diverse range of PCR reagents and plastics and all the products required for protein analysis, from protein sample preparation to purification to Western Blotting.

Our extensive product range is supplied under ISO9001:2008 certification, helping to ensure the highest possible standards of service.

       Electrophoresis               Genomics
           Electrophoresis         Genomics & Molecular Biology

        Proteomics               Microbiology    
               Proteomics                             Microbiology

        Liquid Handling               Labels & Printers
            Liquid Handling                      Labels & Printers

        General Labware & Supplies              Laboratory Chemicals
  General Labware & Supplies       Laboratory Reagents


                              > Life Science Research June 2017   
                      >Diversified Biotech Product Tabloid v.48 (LATEST!)
                      >RigRunner Electrophoresis Catalogue, 2015
                     >ABT P
rotein Purification Resin Catalogue, 2015
                              >Embitec Backpack Mini Catalogue, 2015

Further information, including individual product flyers can be found in our downloads section.

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NEW! Take Quick And Easy Images Using White Light
Then send The Photos To Your Computer Using WiFi

The Power Of Single Cell Gene Expression Profiling
Visit Our Dedicated Drop-sequencing Products Page
Droplet Generation Kit - All You Need From One Supplier

 Drop-sequencing Video Image
Reproduced with permission from Evan Macosko

Sequence 10s of 1000s of Transcriptomes And Discover New Cell Sub-Types Using This Revolutionary Technique

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