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Product Catalogues
The following catalogues provide full listings of some of the supplier product ranges that we offer. In many cases, for simplicity, only the most popular products are listed on our website. If you find a product of interest in any of these brochures but which is not listed on our site, please contact us for further details.

Thistle Brochure 17/18

Summer Sale 2017 (NEW)

Bullet Blender Gold V3

Summer Sale 2017 - Thistle (NEW)

Thistle Scientific Summer Sale UPDATED AUGUST

ABT Protein Purification Resin Catalogue, 2015

Diversified Biotech Product Tabloid v.48 (LATEST)

RigRunner Electrophoresis Catalogue

Embitec Mini Product Catalogue, 2015

Next Advance Product Brochure, 2015

HiLyte Fluor Dyes Brochure, 2015

Product Flyers
Our product flyers are designed to give comprehensive information about a particular product line or specific product, complete with ordering information in the majority of cases. Flyers are presented in an easily printable format.


General Product Flyer

Bullet Blenders

Iberose - A Leading Brand Of Electrophoresis Grade Agarose

MegaMixes - A Specially Formulated PCR Mix For Every Occasion


Sealing Films For Multiwell Plates

Dehydrated Culture Media For Micro & Molecular Biology

COOLCUBE Sample Cooler

Benchtop Cryo-Station

Thermal Microbeads


Magnetic Stir Elements- What Makes Us Different!

Magnetic Bead Separation Blocks

Stir Any Material In Any Vessel Type. Choose From Our Massive Range Of Magnetic Stir Elements

Our Top 10 Best Selling Dehydrated Culture Media For Miocrobiology

Magnetic Stirring Devices

Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer & Shaker

Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater

'Intelligent' Heated Modules or Use With Ther-Mix & Flexi-Therm

Infinity Rockers

Quick-Therm, Thermally Conductive Aluminium

Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot®

Pre-Cast 10 x 10cm Polyacrylamide Gels

Homogenize Even The Toughest Of Samples Using The BULLET BLENDER®

FlowJEM Drop-Sequencing Chip

Droplet Generation Kit - Optimise Your Chances Of Drop-Sequencing Success

Legato 100 Infuse Only Syringe Pump

Micro TS Compact Microplate Heat Sealer

VTS Versatile Microplate Heat Sealer

Nickel-NTA Magnetic Beads

70% Ethanol Spray - BS EN Certified

Supporting Product Information

There is additional user-related information to support a number of our products. This is in the form of either publications or case studies which either cite the use of our products in research applications or directly compare the use of our products against other competing products on the market.

IMAC resins – should Ni always be the metal of choice?

Thinking of Switching The Buffer Conditions Used In Your Protein Gel Runs? Think Again!

User Instructions & Manuals

Many of the reagent products that we supply require user instructions. Most of these are listed on the corresponding product page along with the product description. Instructions which are not listed on the actual product page can be found here.

Note: This is a work in progress, so it may be that the item you are looking for is currently unavailable. If this is the case, please contact us for further assistance.

UI0001 - MicroCLEAN

Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® User Manual