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Imagel, Gel Doc Imaging Hood For iPhone



The Imagel imaging hood (GDR-500) provides the ideal solution for aiding the documentation of mini-gel images using your smart phone camera. Save your gel images to your phone or download the free app by Benchling for more features (optional - see below). The Imagel hood can be used in conjunction with the following light sources and their respective recommended gel stains: Blue light, UV, White light.

Note: Smart phone and light source not included with this product. For complete system options or details of available light sources, please contact Web Scientific.

Analysis and Storage using Benchling
Benchling is a cloud-based solution for capturing, analyzing, archiving and sharing gels. Analyzing gels is quick and easy with Benchling's intuitive web-based software. Benchling will automatically detect lanes/bands and walk you through quantification. Useful features like intensity graphs and background reduction are built in.

Analyze: Use Benchling's easy-to-use software to analyze your gels in your web browser. Analysis features include automatic lane/band detection, intensity mapping, and band quantification.

Simplicity: Snap a high quality photo of your gel on your iPhone and save to your phone or use the Benchling Gels app (optional), where your image is instantly uploaded and securely stored in the Benchling cloud (free 6 month cloud storage, managed by Benchling, included with purchase of a complete imaging system).


Hood dimensions: 17cm (W) x 17cm (D) x 14cm (H)

Compatibility:  iPhone® 4/4S, 5/5S



Features not currently available

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