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Date added: 05/11/2014 New Antibody Purification Resins, Protein-L and AFFI-MAB, Now Available

We have just introduced two additional antibody purification resins, Protein-L and AFFI-MAB to complement our existing range.

Protein L is an immunoglobulin-binding protein that was isolated from the bacteria Peptostreptococcus magnus and provides a convenient way to separate immunoglobulins from a variety of sources. rProtein L contains four immunoglobulin binding domains of the native protein and may be used for the purification of IgG, IgM, IgA and IgD containing kappa light chains from various species without interfering with the antigen binding site. Besides antibody, Protein L is also suitable for binding of a wide range of antibody fragments such as Fabs, single-chain variable fragments (scFv), and domain antibodies (Dabs). rProtein L is immobilized by means of covalent binding that avoids protein loss and allows for column re-use.

AFFI-MAB Fine Agarose Beads are products specially designed to capture antibodies providing fast and efficient purifications. The stable binding of the recombinant protein formed by aldehyde coupling chemistry and the novel NaOH tolerant modified rProtein A allows the use of the resin in 0.1 to 0.5M NaOH conditions.

Date added: 30/10/2014 New Acrylamide Solutions (30% & 40%) Now Available

We have just added a series of NEW acrylamide solutions to our existing range in order to increase the choice available to our customers. Our acrylamide solutions are produced to the highest quality standards from the purest of materials. Manufactured to research specifications, our products will satisfy the most demanding of applications in both nucleic acid and protein gel electrophoresis giving reliable and reproducible results.

The range is comprised of 40% and 30% concentrates with cross-linker ratios of 19:1, 29:1 and 37.5:1, which satisfy the majority of acrylamide gel formulations used.

Date added: 24/10/2014 RigRunner V-MAXI Vertical Gel System Has Been Replaced With The V-MAXI WAVE

The long standing RigRunner V-MAXI vertical gel system has now been replaced with the superior V-MAXI WAVE. This system is completely injection moulded and so now becomes a direct competitor to the Biorad Protean II XL, with both technical and price advantages:

More Gels - run up to 4 gels simultaneously in standard 2-gel WAVE and 4-gel WAVE TETRAD systems
• Reduced assembly time through Innovative screw-clamp system, reducing the number of screws required for set up
• Detachable inner cooling
coil provides uniform, smile-free electrophoresis, while allowing runs to be performed at higher voltage
• Universal tank and lid
extends the application to create complete 2-D or blotting systems.

Detailed information relating to the WAVE system can be found on p24 our online RigRunner brochure using the following link: http://webscientific.co.uk/images/pdf/RigRunner%20online%20cat.pdf.

Date added: 24/10/2014 John Innes Centre Supplier’s Exhibition, Norwich, 19/20th November, 2014

Every year the John Innes Campus holds a supplier’s exhibition around November time over a period of 2 days.

Suppliers usually need to book a year in advance to participate in this event as it is so well supported and thought to be one of the best local exhibitions in the country. Thistle Scientific/Web Scientific are pleased to have been invited to attend. Typically, 25 suppliers per day exhibit in the campus’ conference centre foyer where demonstrations and technical advice on selected supplier products is provided.

Invitations are restricted to all the scientists at the John Innes campus which included The Sainsbury Lab, The Genome Analysis Centre and various start-up companies on the site. Also invited are the Institute of Food Research, certain departments at UEA (University of East Anglia) and purchasing managers from Babraham, MRC (Medical Research Council) and UKSBS (UK Shared Business Services).

Date added: 17/10/2014 Mini Exhibition at MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology is one of the world's leading research institutes and is dedicated to research aimed at advancing our understanding of biological processes at the molecular level. it is expected that this reasearch will provide the knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health.

Thistle Scientific/Web Scientific are pleased to announce our organisation of a Mini Exhibition at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge on the 21st October. The exhibition will take place outside the canteen on the 4th Floor and will be running between 10.00am and 3.45pm. Selected products from both Thistle and Web Scientific will be presented along with associated literature.

LMB Cambridge

Date added: 14/10/2014 Benefit From Significant Price Reductions On Our RigRunner Electrophoresis Systems

At Web Scientific we believe in offering a better deal for the Life Scientist, so we’ve slashed UP TO 15% OFF the list price for all of our RigRunner Electrophoresis Systems to make them more affordable to our customers. See our 'Promotions' section to find out more.

For further price reductions on our RigRunner range and associated consumables, visit our website or Facebook page for our latest Autumn offer.

Date added: 14/10/2014 Glad To Be Back!

Thistle Scientific/Web Scientific are proud to announce our inclusion once again in the IRLA (Inter-Regional Laboratory Agreement) Consumables, 2014. This framework agreement is available to the following regional purchasing consortia (SUPC: Southern Universities Procurement Consortium, HEPCW: Higher Education Purchasing Consortium, Wales, LUPC: London Universities Purchasing Consortium, NEUPC: North Eastern Universities Procurement Consortium, NWUPC: North Western Universities Procurement Consortium) covering most universities in England and Wales.

Products which have now been made available to these consortia and listed through Science Warehouse include those from Lot 2. (laboratory consumables) and Lot 3c of the agreement (Axygen pipette tips).

For further information, please contact either Web Scientific or Thistle Scientific on Tel: 01698 338844 or email: enquiries@thistlescientific.co.uk.

IRLA Agreement Members

Date added: 18/09/2014 Products not to be forgotten!

For those long-standing customers of Web Scientific, you may remember that we used to have dedicated product sections on our website covering Sample Storage (tube racks, etc., from Diversified Biotech) Liquid Handling (pipettes from Nichiryo) Labels and Printers (from BRADY) as well as other general laboratory equipment and consumables. These products are ALL STILL AVAILABLE from Web Scientific and will be updated and made 'live' again on our website as soon as possible.

We would also like to draw attention to our growing relationship with V&P Scientific Inc. for whom we have acted as European distributor for the last several years. V&P Scientific design and develop new, innovative tools for biological, chemical and materials science, for basic research as well as pharmaceutical and industrial applications. V&P have an expert understanding of research, as well as assay and tools development. Whether you are carrying out nanoliter transfers, keeping particulates in suspension, mixing viscous solutions in microplates, separating magnetic beads, heating microplates, aspirating or dispensing, V&P Scientific will solve your application problems, developing custom solutions on a routine basis.

Date added: 08/09/2014 Exhibition - University of Leicester Department of Genetics celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Thistle Scientific (our parent company) and Web Scientific have kindly been invited to exhibit at the University of Leicester Department of Genetics 50th Anniversary. The event will be taking place on Saturday 11th October and will be open to collaborators, associates and friends of the department from other Universities and Research Facilities nationwide, as well as to members of the public. The event will be incorporating a trade exhibition which is open to the many suppliers who have contributed to the departments success! It is planned that the day will start at 10am, finishing at around 6.00pm with talks, activities, refreshments and exhibits scheduled at various point throughout the day. For further information visit our Facebook page.

Date added: 08/09/2014 Macmillan Coffee Morning, Sept 26th at The Babraham Instituite, Cambridge

The Babraham Research Campus situated on the outskirts of the city of Cambridge is home to both the Babraham Institute and 45 scientific tenant companies. The Institute itself is focused on understanding the biological mechanisms underpinning lifelong health and wellbeing and for this reason is keen to recognise the hard work done by the Macmillan charity in support of the victims, families and nursing staff of Cancer sufferers.

The Campus is therefore planning to hold a Coffee morning and Raffle on the 26th September. This will be the first fundraising event to include all Campus staff from the Institute and the 45 tenant companies onsite. As a longstanding supplier to the various research groups at Babraham, Thistle Scientific/Web Scientific are delighted to be able to donate a bottle of the finest single malt scotch whiskey which will be entered into the raffle on the day. We will also be displaying an A3 sized poster outlining our most up-to-date product ranges.

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