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List Of Current Suppliers

Below is a comprehensive list of our current suppliers in alphabetical order. If you cannot see the name of a supplier who's products you normally purchase from Web Scientific, please let us know and we will either update you with the current situation or make any amendments to our listing as required:

Agarose Bead Technologies            ABT                    Protein Purification Resins

Anamed                                             Anamed              Pre-cast Polyacrylamide Gels

Biovendis                                          Biovendis                 Specialist PCR Plastics

Brady                                                Brady           Printers and Labels

Conda                                             Conda         Microbial Growth Media

Diversified Biotech                           Diversified Biotech             Speciality Labels

Embitec                                             Embitec            Electrophoresis Systems

Eurogentec                                       Eurogentec Logo                Life Science Solutions

Excel Scientific                                 Excel Scientific           Sealing Films

G-Biosciences                                 G-Biosciences           Molecular Biology Products

Gel Company                                   Gel Company             Electrophoresis Spares

GeneON                                         GeneON          PCR Reagents

Nichiryo                                             Nichiryo            Pipettes & Dispensers

NCIMB                                              NCIMB          Bacterial QC Cultures

Next Advance Inc                             Next Advance Logo            Homogenisers

Severn Biotech                                Severn Biotech        Laboratory Chemicals

V & P Scientific                                 V&P Scientific            Liquid Handling & Mixing

Vitl Life Science Solutions             Vitl Life Science Solutions            Mixing & Thermal Transfer