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Luria Agar With Ampicillin, 100g/ml (MILLERS LB AGAR), 500g

CODE: WEB-2085


LB AGAR (LURIA) WITH AMPICILLIN100μg/ml medium is used for the selective growth of Ampicillin resistant
E. coli recombinant strains in molecular genetic studies.

The transformed E.coli are plated directly onto selective agar media (LB Agar containing antibiotic). Fewer transformed colonies will appear per ml plated. To select the bacteria with the plasmid, it is necessary to subcultivate an inoculum from LB agar to an LB broth with the antibiotic added.

*For molecular genetics studies using E.coli.

**For further information, including PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS, please refer to Product Information Sheet.

Formula g/L

  • Tryptone 10g
  • Sodium Chloride 10g
  • Yeast Extract 5g
  • Ampicillin 0.1g
  • Bacteriological Agar 15g

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