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Variable Temperature Microplate Heat Sealer (VTS)

CODE: WS-V902001


Sealing your microplates creates a gas and water-tight seal around each of the wells, reducing the risk of cross-contamination or sample loss. The VTS Microplate Heat Sealer provides maximum flexibility without compromising on sealing quality by allowing you to adjust the heating temperature and define a sealing time (the time that the microplate should be in contact with the heated surface). Theoretically, this means that you can quickly and securely seal multiple varieties of microplates over and over again with the same degree of confidence. Just set a temperature and time and wait for the countdown to finish. The Variable Temperature Microplate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which are sold separately.

For further information see:
VTS Datasheet,     VTS User Manual,      Reliability testing the Vitl Microplate Heat Sealers

Click on the image below to see the Micro TS in action

                                                   Variable temperature heat sealer in action


If you don’t need the flexibility over heating time and temperature offered by the VTS you may prefer the Micro TS instead - a compact, lightweight, fixed-temperature sealer that is more cost-effective for lower throughput applications.

To complement the VTS Heat Sealer, Web Scientific offers a wide variety of microplate Sealing Films, which includes foil, clear, solvent resistant, pierceable and peelable seals.

Product Features

  • User-variable time and temperature settings via an intuitive keypad
  • Unique, ergonomic lever action, specifically designed to avoid repetitive strain injury
  • One-time seal with uniform heat distribution meaning there is no need to rotate or reseal
  • Audible and visual feedback on LED display to ensure consistent, repeatable microplate sealing
  • Warms up within minutes (170oC <10mins)
  • Variable voltage (simply changed to either 115V or 230V)

*NB: The VTS Microplate Sealer requires at least one adapter plate which are sold separately


  • Sealing Temperature range: 125-200°C in 1°C increments
  • Sealing time range: 1-9 seconds in 0.5 second increments
  • Warm up time up to 170°: <10 minutes
  • Power supply: 110-120/220-230 VAC nominal
  • Dimensions (mm): WxDxH 220 x 325 x 425
  • Weight: 7.2kg

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