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New Products, Full listing

The following list details all of the new products recently added to our website. Future products are also shown underneath.

New products, 2016 (newest to oldest)


PBS Sachets      10X PBS Sachets (pH 7.0), Pk10

Collapsible-Image-Capture-Hood       Collapsible PrepOne™ Image Catcher Hood + Camera with WiFi

Horizson Strips     Horizon Gel Tank Spares & Accessories

Horizson Gel Tanks     GIBCO-BRL Horizon® Gel Tanks

UltraThin White LED Panel      Ultra Thin White LED Panel


Ethanol-Spray-70%       70% Ethanol Spray - BS EN Certified

Ni-NTA-Magnetic-Beads       Nickel-NTA Magnetic Beads

VTS heat sealer     VTS Versatile Microplate Heat Sealer

Micro-TS heat sealer     Micro-TS Compact Microplate Heat Sealer

Legato 100 syringe pump Legato® 100 Infuse Only Syringe Pump

Drop-seq-single-cell-analysis    Products For Drop-Sequencing

Stainless Steel UFO Beads      Stainless Steel UFO Beads For The Homogenisation Of 'Difficult' Samples

Blotbot Automated Western Blot Processor     Freedom Rocker™ BlotBot® 120 & 240

Quick-Therm-Beads-BEAD1000      Quick-Therm, Thermally Conductive Aluminium Beads

Infinity rocker      Infinity Rockers

Bis-Tris pre-cast 10 x 10cm polyacrylamide gels     Bis-Tris precast polyacrylamide gels

Novel Autoclave Tape     Autoclave Indicator Tape

PerfTape     Perf-Tape

Intelligent Heated Modules     Vitl Intelligent Heated Modules

FlexiTherm-Dry-Block-Heater    Vilt Flexi-Therm Dry Block Heater

Ther-Mix Heated Mixer     Ther-Mix Heated Laboratory Mixer

VitlCoMix-with-adaptors     Co-Mix Laboratory Mixer & Shaker

VP710D2CE Multi Stirrus Tumble Stirrer     Magnetic Stirring Devices

Magnetic separation blocks     Magnetic Bead Separation Blocks

Magnetic stir elements     Magnetic Stir Elements

Coming soon!

  1. Secondary Antibodies Conjugated With HiLyte Dyes
  2. Heat Sealable Seals In Sheets
  3. Screw-Cap Rino Bead Kits

New products, 2015

  1. HiLyte Fluor™ Dyes For Nucleic Acid, Peptide & Protein Labelling
  2. Bullet Blender™ Homogenisers
  3. Nichipet Premium LT, Ergonomically Designed Manual Pipette
  4. Ethidium Bromide De-Staining Bags
  5. AlcoGel Hand Sanitiser
  6. Imagel Gel Doc Hood
  7. Sepadextran™ Desalting Resins
  8. Maximo Taq Polymerases
  9. ThermalSeal RTS™ Sealing Films for qPCR, Storage & Crystallization
  10. Film-Sealing Paddles
  11. AlumaSeal® Pierceable Aluminum Foil On A Roll
  12. SealMate™ System for Adhesive Microplate-Sealing Films
  13. Septamat For ABI 3100, 3130, 3730, Pk20
  14. Multi Mixer VP708-CON
  15. Human Cot-1 DNA
  16. RNA Extraction & Purification Reagents
  17. Dehydrated Culture Media For Molecular Biology & Molecular Genetic applications
  18. COOLCUBE Sample Cooler
  19. Benchtop Cryo-Station
  20. Thermal Microbeads
  21. Nitrocellulose Membrane
  22. PVDF Membrane