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PrepOne Sapphire 100-240v

PrepOne Sapphire Blue Light Illuminator

CODE: PI-1000


The PrepOne Sapphire is the first of its kind Blue LED light box which features a non-UV light source that illuminates
from the side enabling the end user to visualise bands without the need for a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing
access to the gel. Because Blue light does not damage your eyes, skin or the DNA sample, more time can be taken
to carefully cut out bands without excess agarose compromising the recovery of DNA. Blue light can also conveniently
be used in conjunction with non-carcinogenic alternatives to Ethidium Bromide, such as Gel Green (also available in
precast gel format. Please enquire).


PrepOne Unit, Qty:1

Catalog Number:             PI-1000

Material:                             Black Polycarbonate

Dimensions:                    20.3(w) x 15.29(l) x 1.5(h)cm

Viewing Area:                   12.5(w) x 12.5(l)cm

Light Source:                    Blue LEDs

Recommended:              Use GelGreen Dye or our Precast GreenGels

PrepOne Filter, Qty:1

Catalog Number:             PI-1002

Material:                             Amber Acrylic

Dimensions:                    15.2(w) x 15.2(l) cm

PrepOne Cuttings Mats, Qty:2

Reorder Number:             PI-1003, Qty:5

Material:                              Black Vinyl

Dimensions:                     12(w) x 10(l)cm


Product Features

  • Transcend the Transilluminator for Prep! First-of-its-kind blue LED light box that allows you to visualize your bands without a protective mask, shield or filter obstructing your access to the gel
  • Ditch UV. Improve the quality of recovered DNA for your downstream applications and say good-bye to photo-nicking!
  • No Hazarous Waste. For optimal results, use our Gel Green DNA stain or precast GreenGels! Get rid of UV and hazardous waste.
  • Applications.Designed for preparative applications, it is great for viewing DNA bands (50ng) stained with fluorescent dyes with wavelengths of around 490 nm.* Patent pending

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